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Advice: Easy to Give Others, Hard to Give Yourself

Early Reflections: Tuesday, September 10th

Good morning fellow early birds...

Well, not that all of you are early birds, many of you check in throughout the day, but I know that there are several of you, like me, that are already in to your day and "relate"!

During my MBA program and continuing in the mode of self discovery, there are a few topics that I have found particular interesting. Cognitive & unconscious bias, organizational culture, and human dynamics & behavior. I find myself watching situations, sometimes from the outside and at times as a participant, fascinated by how certain elements unfold. My daughter described a situation last week where she was in a specific situation and felt herself stepping outside of it and "observing" it as a third party. I can relate.

One thing I have discovered is that it is particularly easy to give advice to others, to be able to dissect their particular situation and give them advice, often very useful advice. It is equally the opposite when it comes to dissecting my own personal situation and giving myself advice, dealing with my own issues or challenges. Much like I find it easy to help someone with developing their personal brand, but I find it almost impossible to develop my own.

Now, I say I have "discovered" this, that isn't to say I have come up with any particularly useful solutions. But I do think in recognizing it, I am trying to be more conscious of this when offering advice, and trying to focus more on what I need to do to develop. Sometimes. And yeah, I laughed out loud a bit as I wrote this!

It's Tuesday, it's still dark, the bus has entered the realm, and we may just make it.

If not, there is always a solution...


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