driven by purpose

connecting the dots between passion & impact

Years ago, I read "The Purpose Driven Economy" by Aaron Hurst, at a time when I was questioning if one could "do well" while "doing good." We've always contributed and volunteered, but somehow, something was missing. So I started putting more focus on this.

Over the last several years, I have been on a journey, one where I have explored what drives me, what I am passionate about, what impact I would like to make on the world and those around me.  Despite a successful corporate career, it drove me to seek a job with greater purpose. Today, that internal voice is driving me to make that transition from "passive supporter" to playing a more active role in building a world that our daughter and her generation deserve.

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connecting the dots: diversity

Diversity matters. Even if you don't believe so personally, as a smart business person, you should understand the value of ensuring that your team is reflective of the audience you serve.

For me, however, this has some to mean more. First, diversity is NOTHING without inclusion. While one's opinions may ultimately not affect the outcome in any one particular decision, everyone deserves to have their voice heard. Second, I am no longer ok with the statement "I chose the best candidate blind to (diversity)". We are at a point where I believe leaders need to do more to seek out diversity, to attract those who might now otherwise consider the field you are in, to grow a new crop of leaders from the ground up. 

connecting the dots: team building

For years, my resume highlighted that I was a builder of "world class teams." I stand by that statement, I have worked with and helped to build several teams across my journey that I am quite proud of. However, until recently, I viewed the description of "teams" in the traditional sense, organized or organizational teams.  Effective teams are so much more today. Formal and informal.

We have social connections. "Go to" people when a project needs to be complete. I love introducing people that have not only something in common, but more importantly who can help to elevate each other. Spark something magical, even game changing.

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connecting the dots: learning

Learning. Lifelong Learning. Mentoring.

In my early years, I followed the traditional path. Class after class, grade after grade, with a specific goal in mind. Never wavering from the traditional definition of education or learning. Then, my plan of going to college and joining the US Navy as a JAG officer hit a brick wall.

For several years, I drifted, earning a living but not building a career. Thankfully, I had mentors who invested in me and opened my eyes to new possibilities. As I discovered my strengths, I went back to school not because I "had to", but because I wanted to.