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Win or Lose

I am not a "participation trophy" parent. I think we need to teach kids at an early age that winning doesn't mean you did your best, and that there is no shame in losing as long as you tried. This carries forward to the business world where I have seen some in the early stages of their careers not prepared for setbacks, for failure because they have never encountered it. At the same time, I think at times we focus too much on the notion of "winning / losing" or on who is right and who is wrong. Look at politics today, or business, or even in our personal lives. How much effort is spent "being right" and winning when we would be better served working together. Embracing a diversity of experience, ideas, and opinions focused on forward progress for all, not who gets the title of being right. It is complicated, different situations call for different perspectives. The opportunity is to differentiate between the times where we need to focus on winning and those where we need to move the ball forward together. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Lily's team won 3 - 2. More importantly, she had a great game!

(You can follow me @rhoniball and connect with me at The opinions expressed are my own, and subject to change, but I will admit that they are highly influenced by my wife, daughter, and several others....) #winning #focusonprogress #embracediversity


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