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This Labor Day, Be Thankful for your Team

It seems quite odd, really, to post a picture or video relating to business from a beach. In a bathing suit. On Labor Day. But I promise you, there is a point. The reality is, I've been going pretty much at "flank speed" for the last several months, as many of us have. I think when this situation started to unfold back in March, many of us imagined by the time summer started to unfold, we would be back to a reasonable version of normal. Instead, every day unfolds a new challenge, a new "unprecedented" situation that demands our attention. The reality is, we can't continue at a breakneck speed and expect to perform at our best. We need to plan downtime when we can, a few hours, a few days. Even if you can't get away, you still need to try and unplug. I took five days off and my wife planned a few hours of sailing on the eastern shore of Virginia, just far enough out of WiFi range. A couple of hours at a local beach with a nice breeze (while practicing social distancing) maybe it can't substitute for a trip to Jamaica, but it may just be enough to put a charge in your batteries and keep you going until the world opens up again. The reality is, you have people around you that have your back. You may think that you are doing them good by "hanging in there", but often times, you may be having the opposite affect. Listen to those around you telling you that you are running on empty and realize that not taking the time off actually can demonstrate a lack of trust. This time, I listened to my family and my team. I took a few days off. While I will openly admit that I didn't completely go off the grid (have you met me?)...I did manage to put some energy back into the tank. And that is what I am thankful for this Labor Day. The team that I have the privilege of working with, my family and close friends, those that remind me that we are in this together. And if we are ever going to get to the other side, to a good place, it will be a team effort, not an individual one. Happy Labor Day!

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