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Take Time To Count Your Blessings

Early Reflections: Saturday, September 21st

It is Saturday morning. There is a good chance that the family won't be up until 8:00am? 9:00am? Maybe even 10:00am?? Well, at least the birthday girl, Lily, who turns 15 today...and who struggled this week with the 4:30am wake up calls. But she made it through the week, with some struggles, but with much progress.

As we all did. And that is what you hope for every week. Not perfection, but progress. Every missed bus ride and resulting ride to school turned into an insightful conversation, sometimes coaxed, other times completely organic. But while being the parent of a 15 year old today is nerve-racking and not for the faint of heart...every minute of watching her become the person she is meant to be is completely worth it!

I had the opportunity to take on a new branding project yesterday. This really cool real estate business run by an inspiring woman who puts more into helping others than helping herself. Working with her to define her authentic brand, her "position"...I almost feel bad charging her! 🤣 But I am giving her the family discount.

I started with a new "mentee" yesterday. Informally, not through our formal mentoring program (which is a great program). A person who I have worked with for a few years now, from a different department. I have seen her capabilities, her successes, and potential, reaching beyond her "frame" with strong insights...yet she can run the risk of being labeled or typecast like many often are. Where we can be starved for talent across many industries, we have to look beyond labels and bias and discover one's true talent and potential. Though as I told her yesterday, I will likely get more out of it than she will!

Then there is my team. I am actually supposed to be in Guam today...following in the footsteps of my brother-in-law (inside joke). I opted out of the trip so a couple of others on my team could go...because they are the "boots on the ground" and the experience of interacting with customers half a world a way will pay enormous dividends. But I did get this cool, funny, "Save Ferris" shout out during sound check from a good friend and one of the performers, Jared Ashley. No, I don't have the flu...but I laughed when I heard it and appreciated the gesture!

I am a rich person folks. The dog and I are sitting on the back porch drinking a latte (he prefers cappuccino) and watching the sunrise. It is time to count my blessings...

It's going to be a good day Scooter!

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