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Social Media & Personal Responsibility

I haven't posted as much on social media as of late. With all going on, personally and professionally, every day unwrapping a fresh, "never seen before" challenge, my time as been spent elsewhere. That is a good thing, right? What I've been heartened by? Folks who have reached out to check and make sure all is ok. It is truly one of the best things about social media...the opportunity to stay connected with those who we've encountered along our path. It also affords us the opportunity to learn about different ideas, cultures, opinions and keep our own biases in check. With the current debate centered around social media platforms, and the various behaviors of advertisers, political candidates, special interests groups, I think it is a good time to take ownership in our own actions and responsibilities. Do we use social media to explore? Or instead commune around those will like minded opinions, seeking validation. It is a fair question to ask. That is what is on my mind at the moment. That, and as we approach November and Thanksgiving, focusing more effort on gratitude for what I have and empathy for those around me. Admittedly a bit of a struggle at times given the various challenges...but now is as good a time as any! Have a great day and ....keep the faith!

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