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Leading From Behind

My hat is crooked. I forgot to mention my bout with Virginia Creeper and my subsequent discover that I am indeed allergic to it. But I did this in only a couple of takes, after a 4.5 mile bike ride to our local farmers market and fast forward, I made it back home with the morning's purchases in tact!

A good week overall, progress both personally and professionally. I don't think I will ever check everything off my list, but I am pleased with the overall progress. Some great wins by team and we moved the ball downfield.

I also had, if I don't say so myself, a rather brilliant idea! One of those where you step back and say "damn, that is a great idea!" Turns out, someone else on my team had an even better idea two weeks ago and was close to executing the solution. Talk about the wind coming out of my sails at that moment.

However, that is really what we strive for - as parents, managers, leaders - that the team is out in front making things happen. My daughter showed us the other day, over the last four years, she has written a letter to her "one year older" self, that she reads on her following birthday. She has been doing this for four years now. Amazing. we have wanted her to journal but never thought of, nor asked her to do this. The success this week, our various teams leaning and pushing forward despite our challenges and moving the ball downfield. As a parent, as a leader, our job isn't to do the work for someone or come up with the ideas - it is to coach, encourage, support. To block and tackle. To make sure that collaboration is taking place and dots are being connected. To recognize and celebrate the wins, and be there to console and help the healing and learning when one encounters failure. Yeah, I'll admit....I would have liked the "gold star" for having a great idea, but seeing the team pull together and come up with an even better solution before I even thought of mine? That is the best feeling in the world. Have a great week folks! (You can follow me @rhoniball and connect with me at The opinions expressed are my own, and subject to change, but I will admit that they are highly influenced by my wife, daughter, and several others....)


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