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Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

Early Reflections: Thursday, September 19th

Yesterday was Metallica, today's theme is from Jimmy Buffet - "Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude"...

No, our 15 year old daughter didn't make the bus. Made more challenging by the 15 year old attitude! If you have kids, you get it, that "I don't care if you are trying to help me - I am going to go painfully slow just to defy you" attitude. Yeah, that.

But at 51, I have to remember that I had those same moments and feelings at her age. Different challenges, different times, but the same feeling of waves crashing against you and not being able to catch your breath. The reality is, I have those same moments today, no matter how hard I try not to. What may seem silly to me from my perspective, seems like a crashing wave to her. And sometimes I may need to change my latitude to change my attitude about what someone else is going through.

There is an irony to this week and having to take my daughter to school so early every day. I mentioned earlier in the week that the disruption to my routine has caused me be at the office earlier than normal. Well, since the Wifi is better in the break room, I end up having my breakfast, awesome homemade cold oats by my wife and a latte, sitting here by the window. Saying hi to folks as they come in to grab a coffee or put their lunch in the fridge. Seeing people I normally don't get a chance to see. And having conversations I normally wouldn't have, about opportunities or challenges from their perspective. It turns out that this change in "latitude" is helping me to gain a new perspective, or a change in "attitude" about what my team may be going through, or how they may feel.

We all have challenges, and often times it feels like the waves crashing against us as we struggle to hold on. But with a little courage, and a little help, the storm will pass and those same waters will calm.

Then I will have that margarita, hold the salt please. On second thought...SALT! SALT! SALT!

Have an awesome day!

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