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Celebrating New Year's Evolutions

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I will start by saying, I don’t know that I am enamored with the title, but I am going to go with it for now. Perfection often gets in the way of progress.

The last few weeks have been filled with challenges and obstacles. Late arrivals and hand wringing. Unmet expectations and a few too many “could have beens.” A few less walks around the block, a few more pounds. A bit, oh who am I kidding, a ton more stress than I anticipated. And a cold that has made its way through this house and knocked everyone on its ass.

What a perfect time to sit down and write out a list of “resolutions”, goals for the coming year that won’t find me in this same place next year.  Like many other around the world, detailing out failed expectations and making the commitment to send this year packing, and do better next year. To not let themselves down, again. More exercise. Eating better. Finished the unfinished projects. Connecting with people more. Learning the language we promised to learn. Reading that book sitting on the bedside table. The list is endless….

Except for one thing. I am proud of my evolution this year. 

That isn’t to say that I haven’t stepped on my fair share of mines, I have. Bit off more than I could chew. Regrets, I’ve had a few. Often times, progress has looked remarkably like the cha-cha; side-step to the left, backwards with the right, step forward again. But as I sit here looking out the window on a sunny day, with my latte, cold oats made with love, fresh rosemary bread, contemplating heading to yoga, getting ready to celebrate the 15th anniversary of bringing our daughter home, heading to see Hamilton tonight courtesy of my loving wife, perhaps we have this New Year’s Eve tradition all wrong. Instead of making a list of goals that are born from regret, we should take the time to think back and document what we accomplished. Where we made progress. Where we laid a few new bricks in our foundation and where our journey took us to new places.

I read an article earlier this morning that predicts, well, actually it documents that only 12% of those making resolutions actually accomplish what they set out to. I’ve included the link here, as I enjoy a good life hack, as simple as the ten reasons may be. I would add an 11th….you failed to take stock in what you have already accomplished. This coming from a person who is rarely satisfied and often ends a project with “what’s next.”

So, over the next few days, as I prepare for the year ahead, I will be reflecting on the year shortly to be in our rearview mirror and taking note of what I am most proud of. Even if the tiniest step forward in the right direction. I will lay those bricks down, proudly, and use them as a step towards higher ground in 2020. 

I would love if you would do the same, focus on the positive steps that you made this past year. Share them or keep them in close hold. But know that you accomplished more than you think, be proud. 

I know I am.


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