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A Simple Gesture, An Act of Kindness

I couldn't remember this word when I was filming... "lagniappe"... it means a "small gift given unexpectedly to a customer by a merchant, something given by way of good measure." it can turn a good experience into a great experience.

Think about how you feel when someone hands you an unexpected treat from the kitchen, or something extra in your bag as you leave a store. We love grand gestures, but those simple things can make just as a big of an impact.

I like to think of these simple gestures as "micro moments", extended from one to another in either a business or personal setting. Authentic, genuine, spontaneous, perhaps a gift, or more often the gift of words and kindness. Someone calling me out of the blue to check in to see how I am doing. The "lawyer" who left a box of animal crackers on my desk with a kind note after I joked how it felt like we were in a zoo. The associate that left a box of cracker jacks on my desk after I referenced them in a meeting and how much I loved looking for the prize. The boss who, when leaving after a long day of his own, calls to make sure I am doing ok, and in effect "kicks me out of the office." My daughter who, after a rough morning sends me a text "I hope our day isn't as chaotic in your morning, focus on your meeting, take deep breaths and small sips of coffee." Or my wife who always seems to have something lying around that will cheer me up.

These moments often go by unnoticed, other times they can be the difference between someone having a rough day or a better day. Without realizing it, at the right time, that simple gesture, or act of kindness can be exactly what a person needs at that very moment. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we fail to recognize them, or worse yet, don't extend them to others. We should challenge ourselves to do more, both in our personal and professional lives. You may not always get a reaction, but it makes a huge difference!


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